Does spring affect atopic dermatitis?


Hello everyone and welcome to another day of our Atopic Dermatitis section! This time we are going to find out how spring affects atopic dermatitis, why the condition tends to get worse when spring arrives and how we can effectively manage it.

How does spring affect Atopic Dermatitis?

Spring began on 20 March, and conditions such as atopic dermatitis tend to get worse with its arrival.. The increase in allergens in the environment, the rise in temperature and humidity, pollen and exposure to the sun’s rays create an environment conducive to outbreaks.

People with atopic dermatitis are particularly susceptible to these spring allergies as allergens can more easily penetrate the skin barrier, triggering outbreaks and more severe reactions. In addition, exposure to the sun can also cause allergic skin reactions.

The main symptoms are itching, burning, pain, blistering, redness and, in extreme cases, fever or headache.

Practical tips to reduce symptoms in spring

Now that we have seen how spring affects atopic dermatitis, here are some tips to help reduce symptoms and improve your quality of life at this time of year:

  • Keep your skin well hydrated; it is important to use specific moisturisers that help repair the skin barrier and reduce inflammation.
  • Use sunscreen whenever you are outdoors, as exposure to the sun can trigger outbreaks of eczema in some people.
  • Avoid air conditioning, especially at this time of year when temperatures are rising, as it tends to reduce humidity in the air, contributing to dry skin.
  • Avoid going outdoors during peak pollination periods as exposure to pollen can trigger allergic reactions.
  • Even if you notice an improvement in your skin, continue with your usual skin care routine. You know that eczema is a chronic condition that can have periods of remission and relapse. It is important to maintain a consistent skin care routine even when symptoms are under control.

You can read more about how to care for your skin and improve your quality of life in our previous articles Basic skin care tips for children and Tips to combat scratching in atopic dermatitis.

Remember that consistent care and attention to triggers can make all the difference in managing eczema this spring!

If you found this post interesting, stay tuned to our blog as we will be posting more useful information about managing this condition every two weeks.

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